The Martyrs’ Trilogy

By Sabine Bally
Documentary / 2018 / 25’30

From Switzerland to America via Amsterdam, an important town of refuge in the Europe of the reformation, THE MARTYRS’ TRILOGY delves into the fabric of stories and their transmission.

The film starts with the story of Felix Manz, the first martyr of the reformation, born in Zurich 500 years ago. The story of the “Martyrs Mirror” follows, a book published in Amsterdam, which relates the tales of the martyrs of this era. Lastly, there is the story of the two Hans Haslibachers: the martyr of Sumiswald whose exploits continue to be sung by the Amish in America and his current descendent, glorified… in spite of himself.

Written and directed by : Sabine Bally
Image : Camille Cottagnoud
Sound : Simon Graf, Martin Stricker, Benoit Frech
Editing : Malena Demierre
Sound editing : Valentin Dupanloup, Benjamin Benoit
Sound mix : Benjamin Benoit
Color correction : Jean-Noël Henrioux
Voice : Thomas Laubacher
Translation : Lis Künzli, Annie Rutherford

With :
the participation of Cinéforom
and of the Loterie Romande

and the support of Evang.-ref. Landeskirche des Kantons Zürich